Hi I'm Katie, I'm just trying to keep fit and healthy! I love running. At least that's what I tell myself once I've finished. Hopefully this blog will motivate and inspire others!

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Posted: July 7 th
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Backbend loving ✨🙏
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Never let your ego keep you from using props. Recently I’ve let blocks, straps, and the wall become my best friend. The amount of engagement I felt in my body doing king dancer pose this way was far greater than I’ve ever felt doing it by just grabbing my foot with my hands. If you have king dancer in your practice or if you’ve been wanting to learn, try it:  1. Find a wall. Stand amount a foots length away facing the wall.  2.Grab a strap and make a loop for your foot, pull your knees back together afterwards. You can place the opposite hand against the wall for support.  3. Lean forward against the wall until your chest touches (you might have to inch closer towards the wall). 4. Begin to kick into the strap while pulling with the arms. Keep leaning into the wall. 5. Focus on lifting upward rather than forward.  6. Engage engage engage the bandhas and the core to protect your back and gets tons of wonderful heart opening ❤️ 7. Be careful when releasing not to let the knee of the upraised leg wing out to the side, keep the leg pulled in towards the midline of the body.  Happy #wallbending ✌️
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I like what I see in the mirror today.
That dark spot on the left side is a vein. A vein on my stomach. Muthafucking yusss.
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